ROHM introduces the low-powered digital input Hi-Fi D earphone amplifier LSI

ROHM has developed a kind of digital input Hi-Fi D earphone amplifier LSI ’ BU7839GVW ’ recently, it belongs to the highest level of the industry that its consumed power is low. The products that this kind of type is ’ BU7839GVW ’ are most suitable for use in MP3 player, walkie devices with sound result such as IC recorder, electronic dictionary, digital camera, notebook computer,etc.. ’ BU7839GVW ’ can work for a long time so as to utilize the battery-opwered walkie audio. This kind of new product ’ BU7839GVW ’ has supplied samples (price of the sample since May of 2007: About 62.9 yuan / one) ; Quantity production, has planned to produce No. 500,000 Branch per month since September of 2007. Process in our department, Company of ROHM, the last period in production process ’ Beijing city) Go on; The latter section of process is in ROHM Fukuoka ’ Fukuoka county) Completion.

Now, making use of Internet to transmit the information transfer business of the digital content has already popularized. Taking installing and wiping iPod which is written memorizer and HDD fast as representative walkie audio it likes to be suddenly very popular explode. The digital input Hi-Fi D earphone amplifier LSI ’ BU7839GVW ’ succeeded in developing by ROHM, can adopt the D working condition driven in energy-conservation, and done the optimization to design the circuit, thus make its consumed power drop to the industry lowest 6.5mW. Moreover convert D the intersection of earphone and the intersection of switch and circuit of driving signal of amplifier to digital output of DSP built-in at a slice of chip, so digital input does not need DAC. So, compared with past audio frequency DAC and association of AB earphone amplifier, the consumed power has been reduced by 82%, this can broadcast the music for a long time. Because ’ BU7839GVW ‘, this kind of new product, can be linked with DSP directly, it helps miniaturizing and reducing the handling cost of the component of the device.

The consumed power of ’ BU7839GVW ’ 6.5mW compares with consumed power 42.9mW of ’ BU7861KN ’ of the original products, has reduced by 85%. In addition, capsulate and adopt small-scale BGA 4mm square to capsulate, the installation area is reduced by 40%, benefit also the saving in space. In addition, ’ BU7839GVW ’ starts sound killer circuit and noise quieting transistor-resistor logic while returning, this is that an original digital input D earphone amplifier LSI is unexistent. So, even if needn’t connect the transistor-resistor logic and can reduce and rise the plosive which seasonal people worry about.

In addition, there is acoustic circuit of warbling of the oriole of click taking place in it while inhibiting the sound volume of adjustment. The advantage of circuit to can presume until and ’ soft handover ’ choose to change the gain to noise temperature ratio in the three through register, in order to realize the premium music is broadcast even more.

" major advantage of BU7839GVW "

1)The functions of DAC and earphone amplifier frequently of stereoscopic sound are built-in on a slice of chip.

2)It can accept the digital audio frequency input signal, thus has realized low power consumption. The digital stereo can be broadcast for a long time.

3)Dispose, start the intersection of sound and killer circuit and noise quieting, use the transistor-resistor logic, has reduced the plosive while rising inside.

4)There is Lch inside, Rch sound volume that but self-contained control is digital, in order to lighten the click when changing the gain to noise temperature ratio, can utilize register until and ’ soft handover ’ choose appropriate gain to noise temperature ratio change way in the three.

5)The plosive when while rising, drop is low.

6)There is PLL inside, which kind so the Master/Slave mode can suit.

7)Small-scale SBGA024W040 capsulates

Besides ’ BU7839GVW ‘, ROHM dispose pressure regulator offer, D the intersection of earphone and the intersection of amplifier and LSI, and the intersection of digital input and compatible D the intersection of loudspeaker and the intersection of amplifier and LSI,etc. that can link directly with battery. From AV device to small-scale walkie device in order to satisfy to need, ROHM is substantiating the products battle array of the class d amplifier.

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